Where do I go when I close my eyes ?

Creation : April 2015


Jean Cagnard

Co stage direction:
Sylvie Baillon and Éric Goulouzelle

Luce Amoros

Puppet manufacturer:
Éric Goulouzelle

Stage designer:
Antoine Vasseur

Costumes designer:
Sophie Schaal

Karine Dumont

Stage management:
Yvig Cambien


While the world goes faster and faster, while humans have more and more mobility, the last young audiences creation of the theater company Ches Panses Vertes challenges the notions of living and leaving.

Statement of intent

”What does ”living” means ? Living in a house ? in a country ? It is very important for a child to have a place called “home”, a nest to be in a safe place and shape his/her personality. A home filled with everything the parents brought in, in a specified place: their language, colors, cooking…

Nevertheless, one will have to leave: in order to go to school for example. Leaving is part of growing up. Leaving, not too far, only for a while. Then leaving further away, for more time. Leaving to build one’s own home… But when one does not have a home or a country, how do parents “leave” with their children?
We can say that then, nursery rhymes are probably what feathers are to a nest! Don’t you think?”

Sylvie Baillon

Où je vais quand je ferme les yeux ?
Where do I go when I close my eyes ?
Je ne sais pas je ferme les yeux
 I don’t know I close my eyes
Où je vais quand je ferme les yeux ?
Where do I go when I close my eyes ?
Comment le savoir ? Je ferme les yeux
How could I know ? I close my eyes

Elle est belle et simple cette maison, on a envie d’être dedans.
This house is pretty and simple, we want to live in
C’est un mélange de plusieurs architectures. Murs en terre, toit en tuile, elle est peut-être ronde, au moins il y a des courbes, petits détails d’ici et là de par le monde.
It’s a mix of severals arhitectures. Earth walls, tiled roof andmight be round with somes curbes and small details from here and there of the world.
Elle est d’un pays, mais aussi d’un autre…
It’s from a country but also from another one…
Mais voilà que pour une raison aussi mystérieuse que soudaine (un vent, un son, un tremblement inhabituel ?…),
le toit s’envole !
But then for a sudden and mysterious reason (a wind, a sound, a unusual trembling ? …)
Qu’à cela ne tienne. C’est toujours une maison, non ?
Fair enough. It’s still a house, right ?


Production / Le Tas de Sable – Ches Panses Vertes, Center of Puppet arts in the Picardie region, Lieu-compagnie puppet. Co-production: Le Tas de Sable-Ches Panses Vertes / Reso Picardie ; Theater Le Passage, contracted stage for Theater and Object theater (Fécamps). With the support of the Maison du Théâtre of Amiens, the Association of municipalities of Bocage-Hallue, and the Théâtre Gérard Philippe de Fouard, contracted stage for the puppet arts and animated shapes.

Coopérative Réso Picardie

The poduction of the show is assured by the production and action cooperative between the Reso and Le Tas de Sable – Ches Panses Vertes. The goal of the cooperative is to:

– Find what each member of the cooperative can bring to production in terms of human ressources, residency and financial input;
– Elaborate a chart of commons goals based on commons values;
– Co-elaborate the production budget and the artistic residencies;
– Think together about the communication tools ;
– Build the diffusion strategy collectively;
– Work together on the awareness rise, artistic actions before and around the show.
– Follow the entire process of creation.

The cooperative is composed of the following member of the Réso: the Service culturel de Chambly, the Centre culturel Léo Lagrange of Roye, the Centre culturel Léo Lagrange of Amiens, the Service culturel de la ville de Ham, the Associations of municipalities of the Pays de la Serre, the Maison de la culture et des loisirs of Gauchy, the Centre social et culturel of Etouvie, the Centre culturel de Tergnier andthe Associations of municipalities of Les Deux Vallées.

logo RésoThe Réso-Picardie is compose by MJC, small mucipal institutions or associations and cultural service of Picardie wich decided to mutualize their experiences andressources in order to allow a larger diffusion of Arts in Picardie.Thanks to this network, six shows have a chance to be defended, welcomed and produced per year.

Creation Calendar

September 2014: delivery of the text by Jean Cagnard
October 2014: reading of the text and press conference on the project and co-op
February 2015: 1st phase of creation in residency from the 9th to the 22nd of February
March 2015: 2nd phase of creation in residency from th e9th of March to the 9th of April 2015

Creation at the Maison du Théâtre of Amiens (80) from wenesday 15th to friday 17th at 10 a.m and 2.15 p.m and saturday 18th at 3.30 p.m and 5p.m

Tour :
Thursday 23th and friday 24th April 2015 at the Association of municipalities of Villers -Bocage
– 23rd and 24th  april 2015 at Villers Bocage (80)
– 19th and 20th november 2015 at Roye (80)
– 25th and 26th november 2015 at Théâtre le Passage de Fécamp (76)
– 9th au 11st december 2015 at Chambly (60)
– 1st et 2nd februar 2016 at l’espace culturel Picasso à Longueau (80)
– 3rd et 4th match 2016 at the MCL de Gauchy (80)